The ribbon plane of earth is an alternate plane of existence. Home of many earth-plane creatures as long as a high populate of dwarfs.

The surface of the world is desert with wildly changing temperatures as the days pass. Very little inhabits this harsh environment. But this is just the outer surface. The surface is broken up into massive ribbons of land, each 50-100 miles thick, with massive canyons over 200 miles deep in some places. Each canyon is 100 miles wide.

The ribbons are made of ultra dense metals that are so heavy they actually effect the direction of gravity. You can literally stand and walk on the sides of the canyons. Which is good because the bottom of each canyon is filled with ocean. The gravity also effects the atmosphere and travel by flight between ribbons is made difficult by lack of air, similar to flying strait up on earth several miles.

Inhabits live on these canyon walls, build cities, mine dungeons, etc.

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The Ribbon Plane of Earth